Tierheim Linz

The animal shelter in Linz have agreed to provide us with an official code of practice for walking dogs and a detailed breakdown on existing regulations. We will liase with them throughout the developmental phase of the project to ensure that the appropriate considerations are being made, for the wellbeing and safety of both the participating dogs and the festival visitors (dog walkers). We will also ask a representative to come and help us assess the suitability of potential festival dogs during our next site visit.

The shelter may also provide an on-site presence during the festival, to offer advice to walkers and help monitor the situation.

Dog Walk

An online forum for dog walkers that functions as both an internet community and as a source of relevant information (gassi-wetter, freilaufflächen, events, tips, regulations, etc). We are currently in contact with Dog Walk to ask if they would like to help us find potential dogs for the festival. They may eventually be interested in further forms of cooperation.

Frau Eigl (The local vet in Auwiesen)

Frau Eigl is well known to all dog owners in Auwiesen and plays a major role in national animal rights organisations. She is offering local support, helping us find dog owners who might like to take part in the project.


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