Stage 1: Research residency – November 2008

Learn about dog walking patterns in Auwiesen
Develop a network of local/official contacts and potential project partners
Find out about existing regulations and codes of practice for dog walking
Take a dog for a walk
Consider how both visiting participants and local residents will experience this event
Consider if/where we would like to create a base from which walkers would collect their dog (This might depend on other factors such as the preconditions that dog owners might have. If a base were not possible we could still meet visitors at a convenient location situated along the boundaries of Auwiesen)
Meet with the Festival der Regionen team to discuss the project in more detail
Consider practical issues such as insurance, permission and budgeting

Stage 2: Project development – 11.08 – 03.09

Confirm that the GWG have granted us permission to develop this project for the festival
Ask the GWG if we can utilise the poo-bag dispensers
Finalise plans and get any necassary permission for the ‘gassi station’
Continued dialogue with dog owners in Auwiesen who are prepared to let their dog take part in the festival
Obtain official documents that outline a code of practice for the project
Obtain official documents that outline all of the regulations relevant to the project
Confirm project partners
Obtain the necessary insurance

Stage 3: On-site project development – 03.09 – 04.09

Meet the cast of participating dogs and their owners. Take these dogs for test walks.
Collate vital information about each dog, such as eating habits, social behaviour, daily needs, etc
Liase with the Tierheim Linz and the Festival der Regionen to make detailed preparations for the festival
> Where will be based and how will we design this space for both visitors and dogs?
> What new considerations and provisions do we need to make for the act of dog walking?
> How exactly will the project be ‘experienced’?
> How will we present the documentation gathered during the festival?

Stage 4: Final preparations/Installation – May 2nd – May 9th 2009

Stage 5: Festival der Regionen – May 9th – June 1st 2009

Gassi gehen HQ opens to festival visitors

We currently envisage:
> That the project will be open between Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday each week
> That we will offer between 3 and 5 one-hour time slots each day (depending on the dog)
> That we will have a maximum of two dogs housed at HQ
> That each participating walker will be interviewed on their return, a form of memory based mapping that charts the interactions, behaviours, patterns, routes and revelations that emerge
> That the dogs or dog walkers will take a GPS tracking device with them, mapping the route that has been taken through Auwiesen, and the speed at which the participants were travelling at any given point
> That this growing archive of documentation will be displayed at HQ during the festival

The regulations and code of practice for dog walking, provided by the animal shelter in Linz, will be strictly adhered to. It is possible that they will also have a physical presence at HQ to offer advice and meet the walkers.

Stage 6: Evaluation – June 2009


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